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Cause of Affliction

Date Added: May 30, 2012 08:50:24 AM
Author: sharwan
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

Why so much suffering around our feet? Why some are born into poverty and others in opulence? Why everything goes right for some and not others? These are some of the many questions that remain unanswered logic, when we look at life from the viewpoint of a single lifetime. Let's look at life in a broader perspective and obtain answers to all these questions. 2. CONCEPT Affliction - Latin afflictione. 1. Agony, affliction, anguish, suffering. 2. Sadness, grief, sorrow, pain. 3. Care, concern, worry, anxiety. 4. Physical suffering, torment, torture. (Aurelio Dictionary) Distress , in essence, is a reflection of the evil wrought by intangible creature that experience, and all evil soul is susceptible to virus spreading to the way mental devastating epidemic. Often, grief is our own anxiety, respectable but useless, projected into the future, visualizing events less happy that in many cases do not occur as we suppose, and sometimes do not even arise According to the essay posted here. 3. HISTORY The human being urged by necessity, has always sought to invent devices that would enable you to live better. Regarding the pain, anthropologists have found, as in antiquity, various healing tools. Since then, discoveries of new techniques is increased. Were invented X-rays, anesthesia and other laser. All to improve the health of this planet. 4. PAIN AND SUFFERING 4.1. SPECIFYING THE TERMS Pain and Suffering - just think about the pain and suffering just to show they have a reason to be very deep. The pain is a warning of nature, which announces any harm that is hitting us and we must face. If the pain was not succumb to many diseases without even realizing the danger. The suffering , deeper than the simple and sensible pain that affects the whole of existence, also has its reason for being. It is through him that man is part of the mystical and religious life. (Idígoras 1983) 4.2. NEED FOR PAIN The physical pain that announces something in us is not going well and needs improvement. Although always want to escape it, it gives us the opportunity for reflection - back to our inner - objective knowledge of ourselves. Given the broad consistency of pain, both suffer the greatest geniuses, and as more people off. In this sense, observe the suffering of those who give anonymous example of holiness to those who feel its effects, these hidden and secret. 4.3. TYPES OF PAIN The process of spiritual growth is associated with pain and suffering. According to the Spirit Andre Luiz, the pain can be seen from three aspects: 1) Pain-atonement - that comes from the inside out, marking the creature in the path of centuries, pausing in the complicated maze of distress, to regenerate it, to justice. It is a consequence of our mental imbalance, or to carry off the track ascension of the spirit. We can link it to past incarnations. Often it is the rescue due to misuse our free will. 2) Pain-evolution - which operates from the outside, enhancing the self, without which there would be no progress. In pain-associated atonement remorse, repentance, guilt etc.. Changes in pain-associated stress and resistance to hostile environment. While the former is a consequence of a bad act, the second is a building for the future according to the essay posted here. 3) Pain-Aid - are prolonged and painful physical ailments on the mantle, is to prevent us falling into the abyss of crime, that is, more often, for the preparatory service of disembodiment, so we will not be collected by sweeping surprises in the transition to death. The stroke, thrombosis, hemiplegia, cancer painfully supported, premature senility and other calamities of organic life are sometimes pain-aid for the soul to recover from some mistakes in it has incurred in the existence of the dense body enabling themselves, through long meditations and disciplines beneficial for the respectable entry in the spiritual life (Xavier, 1976, p. 261 and 262) 5. LAW OF ACTION AND REACTION What is a cause? This is something which causes an effect. For example: what is the cause of milk? The cow. What is the cause of butter? The milk. But all these causes are subject to a principle. When we are talking about cause and effect, we are talking about time.