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How To Test your Business Concept

Date Added: June 07, 2012 06:29:05 AM
Author: Philip Mckenzie
Category: Blogs: Business

Information technology is one kind of market that can be really fickle. You can never tell how your business prospects will turn out, whether you can turn them into IT sales leads or not. In the area of IT lead generation, your success will depend on whether your business concept will sell or not. And that is where the fun part comes in. Before anything else, you need to know if your business will work. IT leads are best obtained from people who believe that what you have is something they will need. There are several questions that you can ask yourself about, so that you can be sure yourself that what you have will sell. And these are: 1.Who are your target customers? You need to know who will ultimately benefit from your idea. By identifying who your buyers will be, you can then formulate a better marketing plan so that you can reach out to them. You might want to employ telemarketing for maximum effect. 2.Does your business idea already exist? The best answer, believe it or not, is ‘yes’. This proves that there is a need for it, and all you have to do is to improve on it. The only thing that you will need is to come up with a plan that will be better than the one that exists. 3.What are the customers currently doing? In this case, you can break it down into two options: a hard one and an easy one. If the current usage is hard, and your offer is an easier and better one, then you have a better chance of getting IT sales leads. 4.What is the total cost of the current solution? In the information technology business, you will want to know whether you can compete in price. Knowing how much the competition charges can help you better position your product and how to market it. 5.How unique is your offer? Uniqueness can be the key to success. You will have to know whether what you are offering is sufficiently different from the current business solution, but still retaining the actual solution. 6.How will your competition react if you are successful? That is one thing that you might get you on your toes. You can never rely on the ‘first one wins’ principle. Your competition, especially those who are already well-established, might come up with a better solution than yours. So beware. 7.What is your business model? Basically speaking, this is the framework that will guide you in your business. This is also a crucial part, since this will help you identify your strengths, as well as the weaknesses that might bring your business down. 8.How can you test and learn the process before you build the product? That might take a little of your imagination, but if it can help you, then it is better to stretch your ideas. What is important here is that you have what it takes to help your business soar. That is the one thing that you need to remember.